Client Testimonials

Allison – I just feel more alive in general

There’s a couple things about why I think this workout is different. One of them is just that you can go into a gym and be in a gym for hours and walk out. Here I go in for 30 minutes and I feel like I’ve been in there for hours.

I feel great afterwards and then I sleep great that night. And then I feel it the next day but it’s a good feeling. It’s a strong feeling as opposed to a debilitating feeling. It’s not that kind of lactic acid soreness that you would get necessarily from being in the gym, which is just really uncomfortable and you can’t move. It’s just like a total, overall soreness in your body but you can still function. You just feel like you got a really great workout, but you don’t feel any pain.

The environment at InForm Fitness kind of has a boutique feel, which I love. A lot of gyms it’s just kind of like a fish bowl. It’s a little uncomfortable and I’ve never liked that. So it’s nice to come here, there’s few people, it’s not really busy, you get more one-on-one time and it’s a lot easier to focus. I’ve been coming to InForm Fitness for a while now. Overall I just feel a lot stronger. I feel like I walk with better posture and I just feel more alive in general.