Client Testimonials

Amir – I feel confident, safe and comfortable and am very pleased with the results

Hi, I’m Amir Derakh and I’m a guitarist and producer. I’ve been playing guitar probably 32 years now professionally. Being a guitar player I do sort of have to take care of, not only my hands but my arms. So I’m a little conscious of that, safety-wise. I don’t want to injure myself because this has been my career for 32 years now. I don’t want to screw that up. I want to keep doing it for 32 more years if I can.

I started with InForm Fitness about 2 years ago. It’s safe and it’s controlled in a way that I think is really beneficial to really anybody. You know when you go to a gym and you get these trainers, they’re always just trying to push you and push and push you and that’s great. They do that here to. But I feel like it’s a safer way to do it. Without worrying about, like, what happens with a free wight, or you know . . . I feel confident, safe and comfortable with all the stuff that I do here. I’ve been very please with the results. So right now I’m going to go in there and I’m going to go workout.