Client Testimonials

JJ – It’s real people, training other real people

Hi, I’m JJ Levenstien, I’m a retired and I took care of kids for 30 years, so I probably looked at several tons of children every single week. As a result of that, I didn’t really take good care of myself. I took good care of them, but my average diet was a diet coke and red licorice for lunch and zero exercise. So when I retired a few years ago I had an epiphany. I literally said to myself, if I want to love and enjoy my retirement in a good way, I’ve got to start taking care of myself. So, I found this place.

First of all I left so many dollars at so many gyms and so many paid training hours that I never take advantage of because I didn’t like the environment of gyms. Gyms are for younger people and folks who didn’t really look like me or want the same things in life that I did. So I found that is just was a really noxious experience for me.

I live four block away. So the fact that I can just literally get up, walk over here in whatever I’m wearing during the day, have my little workout in a half an hour, not really sweat – I swear, but I don’t sweat. I can actually move on with my day and it’s not a big intrusion, there’s not a whole big social scene, it’s not expensive for what you get. The amount of bang for your buck has really been worth it for me.

And for me as someone who’s hitting 60 next year, I think myself and all my peers, we live in fear of stepping off a curb and breaking our hip. I wanted to really work on my bone health and really do some weight-bearing but without the muscle mass that comes with traditional weight-lifting. That’s why I did my homework and found out about this particular mode of exercise and was intrigued with it. Here I landed eighteen months ago.

So what’s really great about this is that it’s real people, training other real people. There’s just no bravado, it’s a lot of fun, it’s sincere, it’s empathic and it’s effective.