Client Testimonials

Nicole – workout is both mentally and physically challenging and I love it

I’ve been coming to InForm Fitness almost a year now and it’s really something I look forward to every week. I love it. I’ve never been a fan of group study-type workouts. I love being around people, but for some reason in the gym I just was never a fan of working out with a lot of people. I’ve tried classes from yoga to aerobics and it’s just never worked out for me. So I love the one-on-one, it just feels more intimate. I feel like the workout is successful because of that. I also like the privacy of it, in a sense. You’re not working out with tons of other people and you don’t have that pressure or, you know, self-esteem issues walking into a regular gym, like LA Fitness.

The first workout I was thinking what did I get myself into? But after the workout what I noticed is that I felt really good. And I like it. It’s a good challenge. I think it’s a great self challenge, just the way that the workouts are. It’s mentally challenging as well as physically challenging.

The convenience is huge. I do work a full time job. So having only one day a week that I have to commit to a workout has made my life less stressful. Because the pressure of having to think that you have to workout three to five times a week, it can kind of take a toll on you. So the once-a-week definitely works with my job, personal life and it’s been really great.