Science Backed Personal Training


We practice Slow Motion, High-Intensity Strength Training. Our unique method is straightforward, safe, very effective and backed by science. Our secret? Lift weights very slowly in perfect form. With this method, most people only need one workout per week to stimulate their muscles to grow, and getting stronger is the foundation for overall health and fitness. More Muscle means toning. More Muscle means raising your metabolism. More Muscle means more energy. Taking care of our muscle and strength is simply the most important thing we should be doing for ourselves, especially as we age.


  • One-On-One Personal Training in our Burbank, CA Gym Studio
  • Experienced and certified personal trainers
  • Extensive certification in our Slow Motion, High-Intensity Training (HIT) method
  • Detailed and attentive, one-on-one guidance through every exercise
  • Will get to know your personal needs and goals
  • Customize your workout for maximum results
  • Chart your progress and closely monitor your form
Personal trainers Joseph, Jon, Sheila and Ann at Burbank gym studio.
Gym studio Burbank, CA interior view of high end strength training equipment.

Our Unique Gym

Each piece of equipment has been specially selected to work with your body, offer maximum results and safety with minimal effect on joints.

  • Specially calibrated, Rx grade Nautilus, David and Medx exercise machines
  • Additional equipment used for specialized training excercises
    (TRX, free weights, resistance bands)
  • Climate controlled environment for maximum comfort
  • Our gym is clean, quiet, focused and personal
  • No TVs, crowds or blasting music  LEARN MORE


Improve Quality of Life

Build Strength

Gain Confidence

Spend Less Time in the Gym


Strong is the new pretty. And with Inform Fitness (Toluca Lake) and slow-motion weight training – I’m pretty strong !!!!! This is a must-try workout.

Vanessa S.

Please do yourself a favor and try this workout.  I admit I was skeptical . . . but this really, really works.

Terri B.

After trying many gyms, workouts, programs I have found The Holy Grail in this program.

Sandi D.

I loved the workout. . . I could feel my targeted muscles working on a deep core level. I left energized and wanting more.

Barbara D.

Slow exercise is a great experience. Staff is excellent. Give it a try!

Anthony B.

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